The match / in accordance with orders / communicated burning

On learning the collected poems of Hans Faverey by heart.    Read more

Val di Susa

A short story inspired on my walk accross the Alps.    Read more

Enkele reis  (One way ticket)
On my walk from Amsterdam to Brussels, mixing reality with fictitiuous voices.    Read more

Vanuit de ledigheid een paar magere tranen  (From out of emptiness a few feeble tears)
On the poetic oeuvre of Jan Emmens (1924 – 1971), and on lazyness.    Read more

Hoe snel vliegt de tijd? - How fast does time fly?
A freewheeling, pseudo-scientific theory on the experience of time and speed.    Read more

20 gedichten voor op de tram  / Oliverio Girondo  (translation)
Translation of a book of poetry by Oliverio Girondo from Spanish into Dutch.    Read more

Bruno De Wachter

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